Online platforms for effective teaching


Online platforms for effective teaching

They say every coin has its silver shining. This expression is used to say that every bad situation holds the possibility of something good. We can state that both teachers and students gained positive experience in terms of educational opportunities. Recent events prompted teachers to give students more flexibility and choice. It shows that in addition to massive disruption, there is also innovation happening. Though remote learning has received so much bad press, teachers upgrade their qualifications to get used to blended or hybrid learning in times of emergency. Shifting to teaching online has become very common nowadays. To meet demands of the time educators, reorganize learning process in the way that fosters productive functioning in the continually changing and highly demanding environment. Moving some classes online is a temporary measure.
The students of grade 11/3 History-Law stream have gone online but they are fully engaged into studies. They use online platforms for open discussions and appealing projects that boost their further professional skills. In this lesson they research Crimes at Workplaces. They identify strategies for handling interpersonal conflict in the workplace, define and understand common workplace issues, like wage theft, discrimination, harassment and many others.
Grade 11/3 . Teacher N. Gevorgyan










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