Interdisciplinary Project Ideas

English &World History

Integrated or interdisciplinary curriculum (IC) is an effective and relevant way to teach the 21st century competencies and to apply the transdisciplinary skills necessary for solving current issues in teaching. The 21st century competencies are recognized internationally as crucial skills for students, and integrated/interdisciplinary curriculum is recognized as an effective teaching/learning model to address these skills.

In this lesson we identify some crossing points that bridge the subjects under humanities and justify the presence of two and even more teachers in one classroom. The students are taught some basic things when working with historical texts.

The very first step in grasping History is to understand chronology. Chronology in history refers to the arrangement of events in the order in which they occurred. It is the study of how time is organized and divided in relation to historical events.

The goal of chronology in history is to place events in their proper order so that they can be studied and understood in their historical context. The students are struggling with reading dates in English and perform activities that focus on the implementation of the relevant vocabulary.

Teacher: K. Aleksanyan, Z. Tsepnetstyan, K.Grigoryan


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