Norms VS Anomalies (WSP)

As we have promised we start the Whole School Project aimed at researching the topic “Norms and Anomaly’
The “whole school project” can help achieve many of the year’s curriculum objectives in all the school disciplines. Teachers and students work together to bridge the school disciplines and go beyond their classrooms.
The theme “Norms and Anomaly’ can be viewed from different angles. In today’s lesson the students of grade 11/1 focus on Family Relationships in Medieval times. Some rules, customs and laws normal for Medieval society are unacceptable nowadays. They come to a common agreement that so-called Primogeniture-the state of being the first-born child with all its privileges is not right. The students speculate upon the concept of Sibling Rivalry that can be truly considered as a consequence of primogeniture leading to siblicide. They refresh their knowledge of History by recollecting some cases of Siblings at War. The students who are keen on Literature discuss Sir Walter Scott’s novel Ivanhoe, whose hero was disinherited by his father for disobedience.
Grade 11/1
Teacher-K. Aleksanyan

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