Teaching Logic and Sequencing through Narrative

An Interdisciplinary lesson is designed to teach our students
how to follow the logic of a narrative. There are lots of
assignments they can encounter while doing tests in English and
Armenian that require special skills of logical thinking. For
instance, very often they have to read the text and put the
paragraphs into the correct order. Learners would become
confused if the story’s told in a random sequence. How to follow
the logic of a narrative is the theme of the day.
Any Narration depends on chronological order because it often
seeks to mirror real-life experiences—which, as previously
discussed, follow a chronological pattern. The students are
taught to follow events in a narrative.
When reading a narrative, in this case a news story, look out for
the typical structure of this kind of text:
• summary of what happened
• background to the events
• main events – notice linkers such as at first, after, then, finally
or in the end
• conclusion-coda, where the writer makes a comment or brings
the story up to date- . A coda in a narrative is an epilogue that
provides a conclusion to the story.
Grade 11-1
Teachers; K. Aleksanyan, N. Madatyan

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