Formative Assessment Test Ideas

In this lesson, we discuss formative assessment in detail and understand its types and benefits.

Formative assessment is when educators evaluate the student’s knowledge as they learn. It involves creating a series of quick-fire questions and exercises to monitor the learner’s progress during the course.

The data collected from formative assessments help teachers understand the misconceptions or gaps in students understanding. They can use this insight to modify their teaching strategies to help students understand better.

Likewise, students can use formative assessment feedback to reflect on their learning and progress, identify their weaknesses, and adjust their study habits or approaches.

Unlike summative assessments, which occur at the end of a term, formative assessments are ongoing. Hence, they serve as a tool for improving learning rather than solely for grading purposes. Here is a sample of Interdisciplinary test. (Subjects across-English and Physics). The teachers design a mock formative test to boost students’ knowledge in both disciplines.

This test format provides giving and receiving feedback, which is the most important thing in formative assessment.

Giving feedback that is non-evaluative, specific, timely, and goal-related will provide students with opportunities to revise and improve their work and deepen their understanding. We implement INSERT marking system to visualize and emphasize the importance of feedback in formative assessment.

Instructions –After doing the test the students give their feedback by making notes in the margin


I knew it (ես դա գիտեի)


I have learned that (ես դա սովորել եմ)

I thought differently(ես այլ կերպ գիտեի)


I didn’t understand that ( ես դա չհասկացա)


Confusing( շփոթեցնող հարց)


New Information (նոր ինֆորմացիա)

Teachers; N. Gevorgyan, R. Tamazyan

Grade 10/7


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