Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing Skill

New Year and the Spirit of Christmas increase the flow of new ideas and inspire students to enhance their creative writing skills. Within our Unit plan “Food & Nutrition” we design a number of activities to boost creativity. One of the tasks is the following … If you were Food, what Food would you like to be and why?

At first, you may think that the question is weird. But creativity is always praised. Questions like that may be asked during job interviews.

Sometimes, the interviewer might ask you a question that seems unrelated to work. To be prepared for such a creative question, it’s important to understand the motivations behind it and the elements that go into an effective response. In today’s lesson we discuss why an interviewer might ask creative questions and how to respond them. Creative questions can also reveal important aspects of your personality and professional qualities. They can, for example, reveal to the interviewer how you regard yourself, particularly in relation to others. Thus, your response might suggest whether you’re a team-oriented person or one who prefers to work alone—an important distinction in increasingly collaborative work environments. Creative questions are important for determining your demeanor. If your answer is lighthearted, that suggests that you may be an easygoing person with a high potential to get along with your colleagues.

Grade 11-1

Teacher -K. Aleksanyan


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