WSP Project Announcement

New Whole School Project Launch -2024

Working together as a whole school with a shared aim will help promote a sense of community within the school. Whole school projects will also help children build relationships throughout school, with each other and other children throughout the school.

The point of these projects is not to find or decide an answer, but to consider the question and journey through some possible solutions.

The “whole school project” can help achieve many of the year’s curriculum objectives in all the school disciplines. It is a brilliant way to place collaboration at the heart of our school. Collaboratively teachers and students work together to bridge the school disciplines and go beyond their classrooms.

At the beginning of the second term, we picked the topic of project “Mentality and Behavior’’. Upcoming lessons will give the students an opportunity to speculate on the concepts of mentality and behavior

23.01. 2024

Department of Foreign Languages

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