Whole School Project “NORMS VS ANOMALIES”

In today’s lesson the students of grade 11 History-Law stream are considering two modes of killing: Murder as an Anomaly and the Death Penalty as a Norm. Learning about History and Law is challenging for learners. It involves developing knowledge of events, people, structures and changes in the past, how the past influences the present, chronology, interpreting and evaluating sources, explaining cause and consequence, reaching conclusions.

The students speculate on the concepts of Norms and Anomalies in terms of Death Penalty. While in the early-modern times public execution was a rather common and undisputable form of punishment, it began to excite controversy in the advent of new liberal democracy. As a consequence of public debate on capital punishment, the late-modern era has witnessed a steady decline in imposing the death penalty.

Teacher; K.Aleksanyan,

Grade 11/3


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