Integrating Creativity and Innovation into Teaching


Integrating Creativity and Innovation into Teaching
Our teachers are constantly applying creative methods and innovative solutions into their classroom. We are interested in meeting students’ needs and eager to involve our pupils in learning. We are educators that struggle to invent new strategies to enhance learning. Here we demonstrate a set of concrete ideas on how to apply new teaching strategies to boost high-order skills in nowadays’ students. We speak a lot about how Bloom’s Taxonomy works in class and how can it improve learning in the classroom. It is out of the question that deep learning needs a strong foundation. The first three stages of cause difficulties neither for teachers nor for their students. We must remember a concept before we can understand it and understand a concept before we can apply it meaningfully. Within the framework Food & Nutrition we select appropriate material. (Holden’s Restaurant or a story of a dying business)

The main objective of the lesson designed for grade 10 is to demonstrate the other three stages of BT-Analyze, Evaluate and Create.

Using Fishbone Diagram that illustrates cause-effect relationship, the students analyze the problems that the restaurant faces. They try on different roles e.g. the owner of the restaurant, personnel manager, crisis manager, chef, waiter and customer. They try to find solutions to revive it. They recommend course of actions for organizational change by writing a good business plan. They surf the net trying to find experts’ opinions on How to rescue a restaurant from disaster. At the end of the lesson they present some videos with the recipes of their favorite dishes.

Bon Appetit!

Made with love. Grade 10/1 Teacher K. Aleksanyan



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