Hitting the Road

When people use the term «hit the road» as an idiom, they’re generally either urging someone to leave a place and take a journey, or they’re declaring that they are about to depart and take a trip somewhere themselves. In either case, the term usually suggests a journey that’s long enough to be considered potentially eventful, although sometimes it may be used more casually in reference to a shorter trip. There are also cases where people may use «hit the road» in a more figurative way to reference something like a change of plans, and this sort of reference might be useful for any subject where the concept of a journey is used as a metaphor. The students of grade 11-3 discuss idioms and metaphors concerning Travelling.

The lesson deals with slang as the students are exposed to vocabulary slang words about travel. Bear in mind that for Armenia students, this type of informal English might as well sound like Greek or Latin! It’s important for language learners to become familiar with English slang. Teaching these common, everyday words and phrases used in informal, spoken English can help students speak improve their fluency and improve their conversational skills.


Teacher: A. Mirzoyan

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