Teaching Productive Skills


Teaching Productive Skills
Speaking and writing are the most tangible of the four language skills, and therefore offer teachers insight into the linguistic knowledge and abilities of their learners. Effective paraphrasing is a crucial academic skill that must be mastered to promote both speaking and writing. Students who don’t learn to paraphrase well will not only grow into poor speakers and writers, but may even resort to plagiarism, which is not at all a good thing.
In this lesson the students we focus on some useful strategies that promote literacy skills. When a new text is tough for the students to comprehend and retell , they use certain tools to make the task easier and express that author’s idea in their own words (paraphrasing).
Teaching effective paraphrasing is necessary because the use of paraphrasing facilitates important literacy skills: It encourages repeated reading, develops note-taking habits as students track quotes and outline text details, and expands vocabulary as they consider appropriate ways to describe the original text. The skill may seem daunting to students because it takes time to find the appropriate words to reshape a sentence, but that is time well spent.
Grade 10-1; 10-2
Teacher: K. Aleksanyan





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