“Save Natural resources” Whole school project

Every year we embark on projects with a common thread that runs through every grade and across the whole academic year.

They usually focus on global social issues such as “Life without Boundaries” or “Saving Resources.”

A whole school project is an excellent way to work together as a community to explore an important issue. These projects aim not to find an answer, but to consider the question and journey through some possible solutions.

This collaborative project “Save Natural resources” is designed to instill a careful attitude towards Nature.

The students can speculate on different issues concerning renewable and non-renewable resources.  

It is no secret that developing countries the most environmentally vulnerable. Poor infrastructure, high levels of pollution and limited access to resources often lead to poor environmental issues. Armenia is no exception and suffers from environmental issues including over-exploitation of natural resources. The students try to find possible solutions. With this purpose in mind, they focus on tourism industry that can boost our economy. They draw possible directions such as gastro tourism, extreme or sport tourism, historical tourism and the finally religious tourism. Armenia is the country full of sacred places dear to all Christians. These destinations, awe-inspiring draw pilgrims from all corners of the world each year.

Among the countries popular with tourist for their spiritual values Armenia can truly have its own place with its  historical and religious sites.

Teachers: K. Aleksanyan, H. Heboyan

Grade 11-1


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