Handwriting Day, January 2023


Handwriting Day, January 2023

We have a good tradition to celebrate the International
Handwriting Day. We mark it performing different activities and
one of them is an exposition of the students’ exercise –books
aiming to demonstrate quality of our work. We are considering a
radical idea of improving pupil learning through a different
approach to using exercise- books. English copy- books display
a sense of progression through units and throughout the year.
You can clearly see how a student is developing, you can see
what attainment goals they are meeting and what their next steps
should be. These copy books are not just pieces of paper. A
good copy book gives a student ownership, it is theirs and they
should be proud of it. Handwritten copybooks become a live
example of their personal development, it is a vast area for
The students of humanitarian grades who want to take their
degree in English emphasize the importance of having excellent
copy- books written in neat handwriting and illustrated by drawings or sketches. They are worth admiring. We
promote creativity in Learning!



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