Culture and its influence on Nutrition and Health


Culture and its influence on Nutrition and Health
One man’s meat is another man’s poison
People from different cultural backgrounds eat different foods. The areas in which people live— and where their ancestors originated—influence food likes and dislikes. These food preferences result in patterns of food choices within a cultural or regional group. Food items themselves have meaning attached to them. The students of grade 11/5 discuss cultural preferences and eating habits. They state that the food we eat is very informative. They start the lesson brainstorming on the following idea “What our food reveals”
• Nationality
• Religion
• social status
• Culture
• Traditions
• Tastes
• Character
• Manners
Food has some kind of special power that can control our lives
Food can: tempt, enjoy, cause addiction, give pleasure, make happy, influence our mood, heal, kill, humiliate, console…..
It really has a great power as it influences and interferes all the aspects of our life
• Work- social engagement, career promotion
• Health-energy, dieting, exercises,
• Beauty- inner beauty, outer beauty,
• Psychology- psychological lift
• Mood-harmony, satisfaction, self-esteem
• Brain-cognitive skills
• Relationships
Grade 11/5. Teacher L. Aralelyan





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