The Interplay of English and Math


The Interplay of English and Math
Six deep learning skills have been identified as essential to the development of individuals ready to take on the challenges of today’s globally interconnected world. They are the following:
• Critical thinking and problem solving
• Creativity and imagination
• Citizenship
• Communication and collaboration
• Digital literacy
• Leadership and personal development
The teacher A. Mirzoyan comes up with the idea of bridging two school disciplines-English and Math within a lesson. The learning content is chosen to foster student learning towards meeting the objectives.
‘’Angels on a pin” by A. Calandar is about the power of imagination and ability to think out of the box. The problem that they are going to solve is -«Show how it is possible to determine the height of a tall building with the aid of a barometer.»
The students of grade 11/1 speculate on the meaning of creativity and come up with novel ideas. They prove that school doesn’t kill creativity.
When the students are asked to take a standardized test, they encounter unfamiliar terminology. A number of activities are designed to help them. Collaborating with Math tasks, the students explore how context clues skills help them determine the meaning of words as they encounter unfamiliar or challenging math terminology. So, the teacher sets up the content in the way that allows the students to explore their creativity in relevant, interesting, and worthwhile ways.
Teacher A. Mirzoyan
Grade -11/1








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