Motivation in Learning


We help our students organize their study and remember what they have learnt. They share their experience how they learn from and with other people; and what role learning plays in their lives. People learn by making connections. At the biological level, the connections are between neurons, which grow stronger whenever we have a new experience. At the mental level, the connections form between concepts, when we associate one idea with another by memorizing, or by experiencing how objects and actions relate. And at the social level, the connections take the form of conversations, as we meet people and share ideas. The surprising fact is that we don’t need to push ourselves to make these connections — they come naturally. We can’t help learning. We do it all the time, when we take in something new, or respond in a different way to people or surroundings. So why does learning often seem so hard? We provide our students with some useful tips to make their learning fruitful.
Wherever they are on their learning journey, we hope they’ll find something to inspire, inform or surprise

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