As old as Rome and Babylon


As old as Rome and Babylon
#We love our country
So, the challenge accepted, and we continue the cycle of lessons aimed to boost a great passion and love for Armenia. The students of grades 11-4 and 10-4 (History-Law stream) keep making films and presentations about Armenia, trying to engage more students in their undertaking. Being keen on learning all about the history of our country they initiate different projects in tourism sector. They highlight two main directions like ethnic and ecotourism. Ethnic tours can be organized for ethnic Armenians living overseas. Our students offer various travelling opportunities for those who feel homesick living far from their motherland. Ecotourism is a relatively new concept. It is based on travelling to the natural areas. Trying on the role of tour guides the students organize trips and excursions taking most scenic routes discovering hinterland with its wild beauty and lush forests.

Teachers: A. Mirzoyan , H. Mkhitaryan





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