Staying connected with school


Staying connected with school
For many students, their three years in high school create lasting friendships that go beyond their final days at school. More and more graduates stay in touch with their alma mater. Feeling strong connections to the school they come to see their teachers to express gratitude and communicate with the learners. It has become a good tradition to provide a meaningful way to keep in touch with former students. We invite former students back as experts. They give the current students tours of the universities they attend and talk to them about what to expect and how to prepare for admission. Bringing in alumni as guest tutors to teach and inspire students is highly beneficial.
Inviting alumni to contribute to a course can enrich the learning experience for current students. Aside from academic content, our guest tutors are voices of inspiration for students. Students are motivated by the alumni’s shared experiences of their university studies, of overcoming the challenges and of building their careers. The networking opportunities between current and past students strengthens the alumni community.
Today, our recent graduate Marina Abelyan speaks about educational programs available at V. Brusov University in general and Social Sciences in particular.

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