Study abroad


Study abroad
Studying abroad may be one of the most beneficial experiences for teenagers, as it gives them an opportunity to see the world, take in a new culture, meet people of different cultural and national backgrounds and gain a life experience. This lesson is designed for high school learners to find out the great advantages of studying abroad, to learn more about the culture gap, to hone their listening and speaking skills and of course to enlarge their vocabulary.
The students of grade 11/3 hold a video conference to discuss the matter with our school graduates who are currently living and studying abroad.
For high school students who are in the process of researching a variety of colleges and universities, such discussions are strongly recommended, so as they could get a better feel for studying abroad opportunities. A strong bond with our alumni has become a good tradition in our school. They share their opinions of the life there and gladly accept any engagement to school projects. For our learners it is a great chance to get a firsthand view of a college, to talk to other students, and get answers to important questions, including admission and financial aid.
Grade 11/3
Teacher; Armine Mirzoyan



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