Crimes at workplace (Dura Lex, Sed Lex)

Crimes at workplace (Dura Lex, Sed Lex)
In this lesson, students learn, and practice vocabulary related to crime and punishment. They learn how to describe different types of corporate crime and give definition to each.
Many students are familiar with deviant behavior in the workplace and try to describe all types of Employee Dishonesty.
They discuss crimes relevant to the business community and how it affects businesses.
• Students learn about crimes relevant to business as well as everyday common crimes.
• Students identify and define different law terminology.
• Students apply their knowledge to fictional case.
While introducing business law, the students brainstorm different crimes that occur in or to business or “white-collar” crimes. Examples: how larceny affects a business and its profit; unethical practices such as bullying, abuse and harassment, as well as forging and fraud. They reflect on some hot issues such as corruption and nepotism and come to the common agreement that transparency in employer-employee relationships will help to combat crimes.
Grade 11/1
Teacher Karina Aleksanyan


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