If Classroom walls could talk

If Classroom walls could talk
Any classroom can say a great deal about people teaching and learning there.
The walls and displays show what we think and believe; they show what our students know, think, and wonder about. They reflect the unique personality of that year’s class, that’s why each classroom is different.
Much of the wall space in the room are devoted to posters, charts and other reference materials. To inspire and motivate students, teachers like to display the teaching content on the walls so that the students could see the material they cover and the progress they make.

Classroom displays include work done in whole by students. They are in charge of any chart or reference that is currently hanging up.
The students themselves decide which pieces of work they want to be displayed on their walls.
As you see wallpaper can be a constructive way to decorate a classroom when teaching English in high school. English learning wallpaper is an easy and fun way to decorate, and it can also be functional for our teaching purposes.
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