Space has no boundaries


Space has no boundaries
Within the project LIFE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES, we design another integrated lesson in grade 10/7 bridging such school disciplines like English and Physics. It is truly justified in Math-Physics stream where the students are involved in Content and Language Integrated Learning. They speculate on the theory of relativity which tells us that observable space may not be infinite in extent, but it does not postulate a boundary; «finite but unbounded» is the usual phrase. The theory gives no support to the idea that observable events can be influenced by conditions outside the region of possible observation, nor does it set any limits to time. In this respect time differs from space.
Gravity is such a fun topic to talk about with students. The teachers present station activities where students explore different aspects of gravity. They pay particular attention to specific vocabulary. The students demonstrate their ability to speak on the material both in English and Armenian, as Pasteur’s view was that “Science has no nationality because knowledge is the patrimony of humanity, the torch which gives light to the world”.
Grade 10/7
Teachers: English-N. Gevorgyan
Physics-R. Tamazyan


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