Translanguaging Classroom


Translanguaging Classroom
Dedicated to International Translation Day
International Translation Day is celebrated every year on 30 September on the feast of St. Jerome. It is the annual event for our literary community, as it is a splendid opportunity for teachers and students to come together and decide on a theme for each year.
Different school disciplines join in celebration, performing a variety of activities around the issue of the day. The subject that we have chosen for discussion on Translation Day fully corresponds to the theme selected. We mark this day by implementing Translanguaging Strategy that promotes bridging all languages in the classroom.
We cannot isolate the languages we learn because multilingual reality makes us go with the times. If we don’t put them alongside each other, we won’t be able to fit into the world.
Therefore, it is important to create the time and space for Translanguaging in our classroom. There are different ways of creating a Translanguaging Classroom.
In this lesson, the language teachers (Armenian-English-Russian) unite their forces and give all students a moment to share their knowledge. For example, throughout a very familiar context (“The Fisherman and the Goldfish” by Alexander Pushkin) the teachers give all the students the opportunity to build upon a second language and a third one.
Multilingual content shows the languages side-by-side to help students make the connection between their native language and the foreign ones.
Emphasizing them in a positive light, allows all the children to learn new vocabulary, and creates an encouraging learning environment that fosters all the students, regardless of their knowledge.
Behind the apparent simplicity of the tale there is a deep meaning. Geniuses do not have everything on the surface, there are hidden symbols and meanings that are worth discussing today.
The Department of Foreign Languages
High School 139 after Karen Demirchian








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