The Whole School Project 2022


The Whole School Project 2022

Project-based learning is a dynamic classroom approach in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge.
Another integrated lesson is designed to bridge the subjects under humanities and implement PBL in high school.

The idea of the Whole School project is not new. WSPs may seem a challenge to organize, yet in practice they can work relatively easily. In return for the effort of implementing such a project the educational value created is enormous, for students, teachers, administrators, and the community around the school.
We have taken on a particular topic to study during the term. This year the topic is “Life without Boundaries”. The whole school have been involved in the study. All students and all classes contributed to the accumulation of knowledge of the chosen topic.
The topic of our research goes through different disciplines taught in school, that’s why their integration is totally justified.
The students of grade 11/1reflect on the concept of BOUNDARIES.
Key words: border, boundary, red line, delimitation, demarcation, safety, annexation, convention.
The English teacher and the teacher of History unite their forces and deepen the students understanding of the content and vocabulary. In the light of recent events, it is a hot issue for discussion. The students emphasize the importance of boundaries and explain the meaning of delimitation and demarcation in the modern era.

Grade 11/1

Teachers: Z. Tsepnetsyan, K. Aleksanyan




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