New Whole School Project Launch


New Whole School Project Launch
The “whole school project” can help achieve many of the year’s curriculum objectives in all the school disciplines. It is a brilliant way to place collaboration at the heart of our school. Collaboratively teachers and students work together to bridge the school disciplines and go beyond their classrooms.

Life Without Boundaries is the name of the project we undertake this year. We offer some ideas for consideration and approval.
• We can enjoy the life without borders when we respect other people’s boundaries.
• My personal space
• Privacy principles and personal information protection
• Digital privacy in the modern world
• Teenage privacy
• The Flip Side of Boundaries: Reasons to Respect Other’s Limits
• Your freedom ends where mine begin
• Healthy emotional boundaries are essential to mental well-being.
• Red lines in politics
• Walls, Borders, and Boundaries in World History
• “Build That Wall”

In this lesson, “Maintaining Boundaries” the students of grade 11-4 try to explain why they need privacy.
The desire for more privacy is a natural part of growing up. In fact, privacy is essential for teens to gain autonomy and individuality. It can be hard for parents to let go of supervising every aspect of their child’s life. However, giving kids more and more freedom is a key part of helping them grow up and develop the skills they need to be functioning adults.
There are many ideas on how to create and maintain personal boundaries. But there isn’t as much guidance on how we can respect other people’s limits because this, too, can be as difficult
Raising a healthy, trustworthy, and independent teen requires honoring their growing need for privacy.
As teens grow up, they seek more responsibility and independence. They want to be trusted to do more than they did when they were younger. They also want to be thought of as mature. They want you to respect their opinions and desires
They come to the common agreement that when we don’t respect other people’s boundaries, we live a very frustrated life.
Grade -11-4
Teacher -N.Gevorgyan






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