Making team meetings more effective


Any team needs to have clear, actionable objectives in order to be successful. This is no different for staff in a school. Teachers are responsible for students across multiple subjects and areas of the curriculum. The administrative and support staff are also in frequent communication with others in the district. To support the learning needs of senior students, the school staff have varying challenges to face. Effective staff meetings are important because they can align school staff to find out how they can best meet student needs. In addition, if a meeting is planned and executed well, school staff will feel that they are being supported and heard.
So, the purpose of our team meetings is to share information efficiently and to provide scope for discussion around what is being shared. Thanks to our professional reading and training, our faculty is well-versed, and we all see the value in collaboration.
On today’s agenda we have the following issues;
• Term test construction (Reporter-K.Aleksanyan)
• Exam Mode Activation (Reporter-L.Arakelyan)
• Cleft Sentences in Use (Reporter- N. Gevorgyan)

Teacher collaboration has always been our priority. We help and support each other and never hold in all the things that we do great, we share them with others so that they can implement them within their classroom.
It is Nelly Gevorgyan, who highlights CLEFT sentences and explains some teaching techniques that will help the educators to use them while teaching the topic mentioned.




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