Admission 2021/2022- Yerevan


Admission 2021/2022- Yerevan
Elite Plaza Business Center hosted the applicants to Yerevan universities.
For high school students who are in the process of researching a variety of colleges and universities, such visits are strongly recommended, so as they could get a better feel for the universities of their interest. Going on a College Tour has become a good tradition in our school and we are proud that college visits like that are essential parts of our school policy.
There are several strong reasons to visit colleges of interest. For one, seeing and learning about the school in person can be a huge help in determining where they want to apply.
It is also a chance to get a firsthand view of a college, to talk to other students, and get answers to important questions, including admission and financial aid.
Our students are aware of how useful it can be to see a college and its surrounding environment in person. By all means, their self-motivated research about various colleges should begin in the sophomore year of high school.





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