Whole School Project (WSP)


Whole School Project (WSP)

Individual & Society

Standing on the threshold of a new academic year, the school management and the teaching staff are actively working to design creative educational projects we design educational projects for students to take part in. We have gathered together our top collaborative whole school projects to inspire you. Why not create one of these at the beginning of the school year, to make everyone feel welcome and part of the new school team.
The whole school projects give students the opportunity to dive deeper and challenge themselves in an academic area while also allowing them to reveal the acquired knowledge in a hands-on, creative way.
The theme Individual & Society goes through all school subjects that can view the problem through different angles.
In this new and practical contribution to the importance of imagination in learning, we will demonstrate how individual contributions to a coherent large-scale project can produce enormous results of great educational value. Helping all participants to feel pride for more than just their own individual work, such Whole School Projects (WSPs) encourage appreciation for the abilities of others and enable everyone involved to recognize that all kinds of learning styles, intelligences, and ability levels play an important part in constructing the whole. Most important, WSPs invigorate student engagement and build community within a school.
We describe a program for engaging the whole school in a particular project and outline the educational principles and benefits.
According to the school streams we suggest the following topics for discussion.
We recommend the teachers that they choose between the topics below or make their own choice.






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