People who changed the course of History


Another integrated lesson is designed within the project INDIVIDUAL& SOCIETY.
The students of grade 10/4 start the lesson by brainstorming events that have changed the course of history dramatically. They use pictures for this of famous people or inventions. This works better if the brainstorm is directed to personalize to include events relating directly to the students. They compare ideas and discuss together. By studying the historical development of the society students make the essential connection between the past, present and future. The experience of correlation within different school disciplines is not new.
A number of integrated lessons have been designed to motivate our students. To avoid superficial correlation the teachers- N. Gevorgyan and D. Hakobyan directed by mentor teacher Piruza Sargsyan worked out the lesson objectives to meet the following requirements. It is necessary…
• To select an appropriate learning material
• To ensure the common ground between the disciplines of the research.
• To instill and activate specific vocabulary of the partner subject (e.g. English and World History)
• To organize the process of dual comprehension in an accessible way
• To differentiate instruction.
• To implement co-teaching if necessary
Grade 10/4
Teachers -N. Gevorgyan (English), D. Hakobyan (History)
Mentor teacher-Piruza Sargsyan








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