Integrated Co-teaching models


Integrated Co-teaching models
One of the hardest things to get used to in a team-taught classroom is how to split teaching responsibilities.
In this model, one teacher instructs the class while the other teacher manages behavior or assists individual students as needed.
Station Teaching (Rotational Teaching) In station teaching, each teacher plans and is responsible for a different aspect of the lesson, or for a different lesson entirely. There may also be independent work provided for the students. Students are divided into two or more groups depending on how many ‘stations’ are available, and either students travel from centre to centre or students stay in one position and a teacher or work travels to them
One teacher teaches a reading lesson on making connections to other texts, one teacher teaches a writing lesson on how to introduce dialogue in an interesting way, and one group of students works independently on the computers or in social studies centres. Students remain in their groups and travel to each station during the course of the class period or block.
Parallel Teaching In parallel teaching, the class is split in half and each teacher takes a half of the class to teach the same lesson. Students all receive the same material. The class is split in three, both teachers teach the same lesson on cell cycles to a smaller group of students, the third group can work on their own.
Grade 10/5 ; Teachers — L. Araqelyan , H. Mkhitaryan


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