How to start the new school year successfully


How to start the new school year successfully
All teachers know that the beginning of a new school year can be nerve -racking and challenging. Lots of them are struggling with the feeling of “a clean slate”. To help them overcome the difficulties of getting back to work with recharged batteries, we plan some strategies to make the task easier. We need a push to start working fresh and optimistic. With this purpose in mind the department of foreign languages organize a series of seminars to set a work mood and put our teachers on the path.
The most difficult thing about the 1st of September is to meet and support new high school students.
The teachers take care to build a good rapport with the new students instantly. Today we discuss some tips to build a good rapport to provide effective teaching and learning environment.
Agenda 1

● Ways to Make Students Feel Welcome on the First Day of School
● How to develop the sense of belonging to the new school
● Creating Rapport in the Classroom
● Setting ground rules
● Impress your students by not pressing
● Creating Positive Emotional Contexts for Enhancing Teaching and Learning
● First Day Activities
● Composing a good Unit Plan to meet requirements


Department of Foreign languages ; High School 139 after Karen Demirchian



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