A lesson on Food Idioms


Today’s post is about food idioms. It focuses on materials we can use in the classroom for some of the common food idioms. The students of grade 10-2 work together to guess how these colourful expressions add flavour to the language and life experiences. The lesson is about using food-idioms in context. We implement the activities that teach idioms and expressions related to food. The idioms are the perfect choice, introducing them incrementally is essential. The lesson is presented in a playful way to get students in tune with how idioms are used is to first take them literally.
They give each other a list of food idioms and illustrate the literal meanings. Doing this helps them to define the idiom first in their own terms, and then move into exploring how to apply idiomatic phrases in natural language.
These are all good choices to have the students illustrate. They devise this activity in a number of ways. They explain the difference between literal and figurative language, and then create drawings that illustrate the literal meaning of the food idioms. Having the illustrations serves as a memorable way for students to remember what the idioms mean, and how best to use them correctly.
30.01. 2019
Teacher: N. Gevorgyan

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