Across the Subjects

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This integrated lesson is designed within the frames Across The Subjects. The whole school project aims at highlighting interdisciplinary correlation. We implement quite a new teaching model to contribute to the effectiveness of our lessons. We disrupt the idea of one teacher in high school classroom.
In today’s lesson we speak about abbreviations and acronyms in general and the ways of pronouncing international organizations in particular. we are curious about the way of pronouncing them in Armenian. With this purpose in mind we invited Armenian language specialist to highlight the matter. English learners face some difficulties in terms of pronunciation of abbreviations. They easily get confused between two things: to pronounce the name of organizations as one word or to spell out. We learn to pronounce correctly such organizations as UNICEF, WHO , NATO, the BBC, the UN and many others. We also find similarities in pronouncing them in Armenian And Russian.
Grade 10-1
Teachers: Karina Aleksanyan-English
Nargiz Madatyan –Armenian




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