Tips for Teachers Assigning Essays to High School Students


Tips for Teachers Assigning Essays to High School Students

The purpose of the integrated meeting of the two Departments (English and Armenian) was to investigate similarities and differences in writing essays. Some errors were studied in order to investigate the impact of the Armenian language on the written production in English, particularly the use of Armenian lexical and grammatical rules.
The contrastive analysis between Armenian and English on these patterns revealed that basic rules in designing a good essay are almost the same. To meet requirements and standards the teachers should focus on the following:
• Help students find a Thesis Statement First
• Break down the Essay Structure
• Outline at least Three Body Paragraphs
• Come up with a good Closure
What kind of essay should students write? There are several types of essays and it’s important to explain the kind essay you wish the student to create. …
Teach how to outline. …
Using class time to write. …
Teach the mechanics. …
Introduce and reinforce creativity.






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