The World Thinking Day


Within the framework of the School Debate Project we delegate the students of the 12 grade, Sona Gevorgyan and Arpi Sargsyan to take part in the 3rd LCC International English Public Speaking Competition in Armenia organized by the American type university based in Lithuania.
The speakers are to deliver their speeches on the competition theme of “Dare to think for yourself ” . Sona Gevorgyan has chosen a controversial topic The art of not giving up!, while Arpi is going to speak about The art of overcoming obstacles.
They both speak about the importance of gaining thinking skills. Needless to say that they are very important, but not sufficient. To fit into the world and to achieve success they should develop both verbal and analytical skills.
Public speaking is a talent that can be learned, few are born with this skill.
The winner of the competition will win a free trip to Lithuania, where she or he will represent our country at Final Competition. The first heat will take place on the 4th of March. We wish them good luck and encourage them to do well in the contest.


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