The Majesty and Grandeur of the English Language


The Majesty and Grandeur of the English Language

The impact of motivation on learning foreign languages is great. Motivation provides learners with an aim and direction to follow. Teachers put a strong focus on the student’s motives to enable them to learn. It has a key role in language acquisition. Due to the lack of enough motivation, some difficulties may happen for learners. Without desire to learn, it is very difficult for them to achieve a real sense of accomplishment . But the paradox of today’s schooling is that being motivated they are reluctant learners. Nowadays young people are highly motivated in their desire to pick up foreign languages. They realize vitality of speaking skills and sound persuasive while telling about their future plans and the role of English in accomplishing them. Thus, being motivated is necessary but not sufficient. Learning languages is an investment of time, effort, and commitment. Much depends on the material they learn. Alternative ways of teaching contribute to traditional one and add flavor to the students’ performance.

With this purpose in mind we take one of the best films “My fair Lady’’, based on Bernard Show’s play ‘’Pygmalion’’. The content is quite relevant for the language stream as they are keen on world literature and inspirational movies like that.

Teacher: Karina Aleksanyan

Grade 11-1





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