Teacher Collaboration

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There is an old adage that says two heads are better than one.

Teacher collaboration is the key priority nowadays. Its purpose is to promote open communication to bring together many minds. Most of the current major educational reforms call for extensive, meaningful teacher collaboration.

Teachers are expected to work together to alter the curriculum and pedagogy within subjects, make connections between subjects, and explore new relationships between the school and the world of work. When teachers can participate in school decision making, have opportunities to collaborate and learn from colleagues, and receive feedback centred on teaching quality and student learning, it raises both their confidence in their abilities to teach and engage students in learning and increases the enjoyment of their work

And the more frequent the opportunities for collaboration the greater the level of job satisfaction

In order to go with the times and feel valued, we gain entry into the field of professional collaboration through update Armenian educational sites (http://www.ktak.am/news.php

http://www.eTwinning.plus.armedu.am) and reflect on the quality of our performance.


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