Special Guest Visit


Within the framework of ADB Teacher Education Reforms Program, Alison Price Rom, International Education Expert at Asian Development Bank visited our school a few days ago.
Her background includes over 15 years of work in international education and development projects in Eurasia and South Asia. She has contributed technical expertise in teacher training, school governance best practices and K-12 curriculum development for projects in Armenia. She is developing national teacher standards for the Asian Development Bank in Armenia, situation analyses for USAID projects in our country. Alison Rom is especially interested in the development of teachers and the teaching profession across international contexts.
The main purpose of her visit was to observe schooling firsthand, exchange opinions on some challenging education issues and reflect on teacher standards. The lesson Alison Rom observed was guided by the main objective to help the senior students of grade 12 make a better vision of their future plans.
Lesson Procedure
Future belongs to those who prepare for it today
“If you do not know to which port you are sailing, no wind is favorable”.
Seeing progress towards goals is the most important factor in what motivates learners to persist in their education. Just having a goal is not what leads to success. It is having a plan to reach the goal and seeing progress as the plan proceeds that lead to goal attainment.
They give definition of goal-Goals can be anything they want to accomplish—personal, academic, social. Goals are important because they help to get what they want, improve your performance, keep them focused, stay on track and get them motivated. Goal making is very important to become better as learners. It improves character and individuality. It develops self-discipline and self-control.
They reflecting upon Taking risks or Planning and gradually come to the understanding of the importance of planning by reading an old parable.
According to the words of Salustius ‘’ One is a creator of his own fate.’’ Some people believe that success in life always comes unexpectedly and that’s why it is only due to taking risks or chances. On the other hand, others are more inclined to planning their own lives. In my opinion, planning is the better approach for one who strives for success in life because it gives him an assurance in his future success and makes it possible for one to use his time more efficiently and to be more cautious regarding the difficulties that may appear on the way to success.
There is a good parable that fully illustrates the topic.
Once upon a time, a man pleaded a piece of land from a tribe chief. The chief gave the man a pole and told him that if he could insert the pole in a place from which he could come back before the sunset, the land between tribe station and the pole would belong to him. The man was so greedy that he exhausted to death on the way back.
Success in life comes from careful planning and hard-working. To plan means to define some aim and to be confident that it will come true.
In this way on condition you make effort.
From this story we can see that although the man had his goal and action, he had no plan. A good plan is essential for success!
Grade 12-1
Teacher Karina Aleksanyan

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