Professional orientation


The aims of this lesson are to provide practice of the vocabulary of jobs and of reading and speaking skills. The lesson is based around a power point presentation that introduces the topic of jobs with discussion and job profiles. The learners are asked to identify and exchange information. It finishes with learners giving their own opinions about what makes a good/bad job. This lesson is about identifying different job titles and their associated duties. It provides learners with practice at using full sentences to talk about a job.
Almost everyone has some sort of significant goal of aspiration they hope to achieve in the future. For a lot of pupils this includes some type of long-term career plan or dream job that would like to obtain.
Thus the lesson encouraged students to identify skills they already possess and recognize opportunities for developing them further. Students thought about where such skills might be useful or necessary in the workplace and recognize their significance.
Grade 10-1
Teacher -Armine Mirzoyan




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