Professional Development during Holiday Break


Professional Development during Holiday Break

The teachers of our school promote the idea of taking a Professional Development Day during the holiday break.

The teachers are encouraged to develop a learning habit by planning their own growth. At least four times a year are pupils are sent home to have days off so teachers can attend professional development workshops to enhance their teaching techniques. They learn new instructions and strategies and acquire new skills.

Why should we dedicate a vacation day to professional development?

We have plenty of answers for that one…

• Because there won’t be a better time—you’re away from the office, or your office is quiet.

• As the new year approaches, it’s a great time to start a new learning habit, like dedicating time each week to professional development.

• Professional development is a gift you can give to yourself, an investment in yourself.

• You have goals for the new year. What do you need to start learning to achieve them?

Many educational institutions engage teachers during their holiday break. So does The Briti8sh Council.

Introduction to Core Skills for Teachers course introduces the six core skills that research shows are essential for preparing young people to live and work in today’s globalized economy. It aims to support the teachers to embed Core Skills into the existing curriculum.

We will learn:

• practical teaching approaches and techniques to implement in the classroom
• how to use questions to help students enhance their learning experience
• how to tailor your classroom communication to promote learning
• how to plan group work and online discussions
• how to choose appropriate talking points and stimulus
• how to introduce the core skills to your school curriculum.
Structured school-based activities set out in the training package will allow us to put our online learning into practice and reflect on the outcomes.

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