Playposit in the English classroom


Educational videos are among the most influential and authentic tools in foreign language education. The reason that videos are particularly popular in foreign language education is that they are multimodal, that is, even in their basic form, they provide students with auditory, visual, contextual, verbal, and non-verbal sources of input, which can enhance comprehension have attempted to make videos more educationally purposeful through captions (texts in the original language) and/or subtitles (texts in the target language), supporting listening comprehension and vocabulary development.

Playposit is an interactive web-based video platform that allows educators to provide formative assessment both inside and outside the classroom. Teachers are able to embed quiz-type questions into popular video platforms. Data can then be analyzed on the individual or group level, provided powerful insight into educational trends in the classroom

Comprehension questions help students attend to the materials at hand and allow educators to decide if they are progressing effectively through the materials. Not only is asking comprehension questions encouraged in foreign language classes, but also educators are advised to ask effective questions – those engaging higher order thinking skills (HOTS) – so that students develop critical thinking skills .

Playposit can support learning in language classrooms.

Grade 11-4

Teacher L Arakelyan

Lesson — Reading Comprehension


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