Participating in Teaching for Success conference


12.10 2019 British Council
Another conference organized by British council is entitled Teaching for Success. It is the British Council Armenia’s first Continuing Professional Development (CPD) conference based on CPD framework for English teachers which form part of its wider Teaching for Success approach.
Why is CPD important for educators? This means that teachers should always be open to new possibilities, new knowledge and new skills. It helps them maintain making meaningful contribution to their school or team. In this they become more effective in the workplace. It helps them to stay interested and interesting. The importance of CPD should not be underestimated-it is a career-long obligation for practicing educators.
My personal feedback on the conference is the following; despite the obstacles to CPD such as heavy workload, lots of administrative tasks, large classes and challenging students of High School, we should be responsible for our Continuing Professional Development and not to leave it in the hands of higher authorities or institutions.
Karina Aleksanyan


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