The National Poetry Recitation Contest (NPRC) is an annual, national English-language contest for public school students (forms 7-12) in Armenia. Students study, analyze and perform poems and speeches in English, picking from a selection offered for their form.

AUA is the five-year national sponsor of the contest—they see NPRC contestants as high-quality students for their university. Get to know AUA through NPRC.
The FLEX program supports NPRC—your NPRC certificate and experience will look good on your FLEX application.
Improve spoken English and public speaking skills.
Enhance critical thinking by using our Teacher Guides to explore the meaning and purpose of an English-language poem or speech—a vital skill for students preparing for university education.
Students network with native English speakers, and prominent Armenian business and civic leaders who speak good English. They gain valuable career and academic contacts.
The students of our school willingly accepted the invitation and the challenge to try their hands in the poetry competition.
• Stephanyl Marashlian- I have a dream
• Zemfira Meloyan-The Birthday of the Year
• Sona Gevorgyan-Forgetfulness

The results of the event are highly successful for our school!
Stephanyl Marashlian won the second prize in the contest, Zemfira Meloyan and Sona Gevorgyan got certificates for their active participation. Congratulations!
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