Listening Comprehension as the month’s strategy


The demand for English speaking proficiency among students is rising. More specifically, listening comprehension has recently attracted considerable attention in our country. Despite students having mastered the basic elements of English such as grammar and vocabulary, their listening comprehension is in general weak.
Although many aspects of the traditional listening comprehension remain the same as in the past, we try to update our methods of teaching listening skills and design new strategies to make the process more effective. Listening Comprehension is marked as the month’s strategy. Here are some activities for different levels to make a start.
To foster Listening Comprehension we selected appropriate audio-video material from Literature Program for humanitarian streams. We put into practice some new strategies aiming at developing perceptive skills. Listening Comprehension Form and Student Worksheets are designed to make the task easier.
(Some extracts from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Daddy –Long-Legs by Jean Webster and My Name is Aram by W. Saroyan are listened to and acted out by the students)

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