Listening activities in class


Theme- Introduction to Listening
Text -Career Prospects
Introduction to Listening
What Are the Four Language Skills?
If you are interested in languages and learn them to help on your career, you have to develop all the four skills of the language competence. The Language Competence is based on four core skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. These capabilities are often called LSRW skills. They allow the individual to comprehend and produce language.
What is listening?
Listening is the first language skill we acquire in our native language. It is what is known as a receptive skill, or a passive skill, as it requires us to use our ears and our brains to comprehend language as it is being spoken to us. It is the first of two natural language skills, which are required by all natural spoken languages.

• Knowing how to listen will help :
o Comprehend natives when they speak
o Watch and understand movies, television, and online video
o Listen to the recordings
Today’s lesson is aimed at developing listening skills in grade 11-4

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