LCC International English Public Speaking Competition

We are excited that our students took part in the 3rd LCC International English Public Speaking Competition organized by the American type university based in Lithuania — LCC International University in support with the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania and the Ministry of Education of Armenia. The competition was on Monday, March 4th.
LCC International English Public Speaking Competition is a splendid tool to promote English as an international language that will help the students advance their skills, implement acquired knowledge in their future studies, and reach out for more opportunities.
The main goal for the competition is to provide a safe space for the young students, where they can truly express themselves and their opinions. In order to reach that goal, a general theme is offered, along with a quote that the students analyze through their own point of view. Such competitions encourage individuality, creativity, and student’s ability to efficiently adjust their perspective to the framework of the competition.
The theme for the competition is: “Dare to Think for Yourself”.
“The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates
The students of our school –Sona Gevorgyan and Arpi Sargsyan took part in the contest. Sona Gevorgyan is the winner of the competition. Her speech “The art of not giving up” impressed the audience. She won a free trip to Lithuania where she will have an honor to represent Armenia at the international final at LCC International University.
Congratulations and good luck!



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