Languages open the doors to the World


Learning different things is a good way to understand the world. Speaking different languages opens every door along the way.
Another integrated lesson is designed to motivate our students in their learning. The students never get bored and are keen on the techniques that promote a better understanding. The teachers do their best to bridge the two foreign languages in classroom boosting the idea of multilingualism. One of our greatest hopes is that the efforts we have invested in learning a second language will also pay off when we learn the third one. The potential advantage involves cross-linguistic similarities: learning a language typologically similar to the language or languages we already know allows us to utilize our prior knowledge through the process known as positive transfer or reliance on already familiar sounds, words, and grammatical categories. We firmly believe that all benefit from speaking both English and French sharing what they lean in target languages.
In this lesson they set out on a virtual trip from Great Britain to France. The students make all the necessary preparations to organize their trip. On their learning journey they find something interesting to inspire, inform and surprise. How exciting it is to make a trip with classmates to explore different cultures and learn languages firsthand.
Happy learning!
Grade 10-1 Teachers L Baghdassaryan K Aleksanyan


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