Implementing co –teaching


We need to disrupt the idea of having only one teacher in front of a group of students at once. Depending on the complexity of the topic and how the concepts are integrated into the curriculum, students might have two or more teachers at once. As teachers, we inspire our students to work together, saying that two heads are better than one. Co-teaching allows two colleagues to spend a common planning time together to create student-centered lesson plans that will benefit all students within the classroom. Co-teaching can also set an example for our students to see how people must work together in a respectful manner. We add some new characteristics implementing co-teaching somewhat differently to meet the needs of their integrated instructional styles.
In the specialized streams of high schools there is a compulsory component based on the specialized teaching of individual subjects and disciplines.
The issue of correlation of the subjects within a certain stream is fallen on educators. Education is a co-ordinate process and the major aim of education is the ‘unification of knowledge’ existing in the related branches of learning material. Today it is highly essential to lay stress on the integration in the teaching of various subjects. Educators should rely on one of the main principles of learning process that is «All knowledge is one unit»
A child’s mind is an integrated whole which wants to receive experiences in an integrated manner. All the subjects aim to develop the intellectual power of the students as a whole. Therefore, it becomes necessary to correlate one subject with another. No subject can be taught in isolation. Failure in establishing links between the current layers of knowledge and previous ones may be an obstacle to retention of earlier knowledge.
Grade 10-1
Teachers N Madatyan-Armenian
K Aleksanyan –English
Lesson Name –Collective nouns



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