How To Improve our Professional Learning Network


Networking is a prime form of 21st century learning. The world has become much smaller thanks to technology. As educators, we aim to be connected to advance our craft. But what is the best way to approach professional learning networks?
Participate in the programs that are designed by the British Council. A new teacher induction program has just started. Our teachers have joined online teaching community. (OTC)
The platform will become our virtual home for continuing professional development. It is all about teachers engaging in meaningful professional development with the support of online communities of practice.
We will have a chance to learn about new ideas and concepts and try them out in our classrooms and discuss these with other teachers taking part in the program. The Online Teacher Community aims to help us reflect on our teaching practice and also gives us a chance to share our experience, views and ideas with fellow teachers both nationally and internationally.
Moreover, programs like that boost teachers’ digital literacy as they enable us to work on online platforms skillfully and become a beacon of light by researching and sharing current trends.


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